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Introducing our 6" Tiger's Eye Tower – a magnificent fusion of natural beauty and grounding energy, sculpted from the finest Tiger's Eye specimens. Rising with strength and elegance, these towers stand as majestic sentinels, inviting you to immerse yourself in the captivating energies of this revered gemstone.
The warm, golden-brown tones and chatoyant bands of the Tiger's Eye Tower create a visual masterpiece reminiscent of a sunlit landscape. Carved with precision and polished to a smooth finish, each tower showcases the inherent beauty and unique patterns that make Tiger's Eye a timeless gem.
Tiger's Eye is celebrated for its protective qualities, instilling courage, and fostering a sense of balance. Placing this tower in your living space or meditation area allows you to harness the grounding energies of Tiger's Eye, promoting resilience and clarity in the face of life's challenges.
Whether used as a centerpiece in your crystal grid, a focal point in your home decor, or as a companion in meditation, our Tiger's Eye Tower invites you to connect with the powerful and comforting vibrations of this extraordinary gemstone. Let its timeless beauty and protective energies inspire you on your journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Tigers Eye Tower

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