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Introducing our Tiger's Eye Raw specimen - about 3"x3.25" – a raw and unbridled expression of the Earth's captivating energy. Mined from the heart of nature's treasure troves, this Tiger's Eye raw piece showcases the untamed beauty and inherent strength of this revered gemstone.
Unpolished and in its natural state, the raw Tiger's Eye exhibits a spectrum of warm, golden-brown tones and chatoyant bands, reminiscent of a sunlit landscape. The rough texture adds a primal and grounding element, connecting you directly to the earth's ancient energies.
Tiger's Eye is celebrated for its protective qualities, promoting courage and confidence. This raw specimen serves as a tangible reminder of your inner resilience and the untapped potential within. Place it in your sacred space or carry it with you to infuse your surroundings with the empowering vibrations of Tiger's Eye.
Whether used for crystal healing, meditation, or as a unique addition to your crystal collection, our Tiger's Eye Raw specimen invites you to embrace the raw beauty and powerful energies of this extraordinary gemstone. Let it be a natural talisman, grounding you in the present moment and inspiring you to navigate life's journey with strength and grace.

Tigers Eye Raw

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