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Elegant Rose Quartz Tower (11 inches height, 2.5 inches base width)
Embrace the gentle embrace of love and compassion with our Elegant Rose Quartz Tower. Standing tall at 11 inches with a base width of 2.5 inches, this enchanting crystal tower is a symbol of unconditional love and inner harmony.
Key Features:
🌹 Love and Compassion: Rose Quartz, the stone of love, radiates a soothing energy that promotes self-love, empathy, and compassion.
✨ Elegance in Form: The tower's graceful form enhances the inherent beauty of Rose Quartz, creating a stunning centerpiece for any space.
🌸 Heart Chakra Activation: Channel the healing energies of the heart chakra, fostering emotional healing and balance.
Height: 11 inches
Base Width: 2.5 inches
Ways to Enjoy:
Heart-Centered Meditation: Use the Rose Quartz Tower as a focal point during meditation to open your heart to love and healing.
Decorative Accent: Elevate your living space with the elegant presence of Rose Quartz, creating a harmonious atmosphere.
Healing Energy: Allow the loving vibrations of Rose Quartz to infuse your surroundings with warmth and tranquility.
Carefully Selected and Crafted:
Our Elegant Rose Quartz Towers are meticulously selected for their quality, ensuring you receive a piece that embodies the essence of love and serenity. Each tower is handcrafted to highlight the natural beauty of Rose Quartz.
Invite the energy of love and grace into your life with our 11-inch Rose Quartz Tower. Immerse yourself in the gentle embrace of this exquisite crystal. 🌹💖

Rose Quartz Tower 11 inches

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