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Introducing our Moss Agate Diamond- 1.7" x 2.25" – a remarkable showcase of nature's elegance carved into the iconic form of a diamond. This sizable crystal, shaped into the classic diamond silhouette, highlights the mesmerizing beauty of Moss Agate in a truly captivating way.
Crafted with precision and reverence for the inherent patterns found in Moss Agate, each facet of the diamond reflects the lush green hues and intricate moss-like inclusions within the crystal. This sizable Moss Agate Diamond serves as a stunning centerpiece, radiating the tranquil and grounding energy for which Moss Agate is known.
Whether displayed as a focal point in your home decor, as part of a crystal arrangement, or as a distinctive addition to your crystal collection, this Moss Agate Diamond is a statement piece that harmonizes the earthly and the ethereal. Its substantial size allows for a deeper appreciation of the stone's natural intricacies.
The Moss Agate Diamond is more than a decorative item; it's a tangible representation of the captivating wonders found in the natural world. The smooth, polished surfaces invite touch, allowing you to connect with the crystal's soothing energy and distinctive characteristics.
Elevate your space with the timeless allure of our Moss Agate Diamond – a substantial and meaningful addition to your collection of crystals, embodying the beauty of Moss Agate in a form that captures the essence of both elegance and nature's marvels.

Moss Agate Diamond

SKU: R020525
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