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A practical guide to moon magic. Lunar Intentions show you how to connect with your own inner power and intuition through the magic of the Moon.
A magical moon grimoire, this book guides you through each of the Moon phases, with correspondences, rituals, and affirmations for each. You'll discover how to create the magical life of your dreams through New Moon intention setting by following your path to joy.
Inside you'll learn how the zodiac signs impact the Moon's energy and how you can plan your days and weeks with this knowledge. Includes practice pages for learning the art of New Moon intention setting and room for tracking a year’s worth of New Moon intentions.
To enhance your lunar practice for each moon phase, you’ll discover:
-Herbal and gemstone correspondences
-Rituals for clarity, releasing and finding your power
-Card spreads for oracle and tarot decks
Discover your power and tap into the magic of the Moon with Lunar Intentions.

Lunar Intentions Book

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