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Lepidolite is a beautiful purple stone and gets its lavender hue from trace amounts of lithium, a common ingredient in anti-anxiety medicines.

This stone is an excellent ally for those working on activating their crown chakra, as it soothes the chatter of the anxious mind and allows for divine guidance to flow through.

These sweet little Lepidolite palm stones make the perfect meditation companion.

Each stone is shaped with a smooth divot to rub your thumb over too soothe an overactive mind.

Some stones have the engraving over this divot, and but most have the engraving on the back. (After polling my customers, half preferred to feel the texture on the stone and half preferred the smooth stone).

Measurements: ~2” x 1.5” x .25”

Etched Lepidolite Worry Stone - Assorted Mandalas

$16.00 Regular Price
$12.80Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax