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'Cancer Wreath'
The 'Cancer Wreath' is made with Water & Moon-ruled botanicals, hues of ivory, soft pale pink & the shades of green and blue to appease the heart of the 4th astrological sign. A dangling moonstone crystal hangs from a golden chain at the wreath's center to represent the Water Element.
From the Summer Solstice on June 21th to July 22nd, Cancer is in celebration as the Sun passes the through the constellation of the fish. Cancer is a Moon-ruled water sign; Cancers tend to be deeply emotional beings with a powerful empathic abilities. Here is an herbal wreath tailored just to Cancer energies.
Wreath: Grape Vine, dusty miller leaf, blue lotus, rose, straw flower, babies breath, chamomile, bunny tail, poppy pods, lemon verbena, white lavender, milky oats + a moonstone crystal. 
The grapevine wreath is  approx 6" in diameter. With added florals the diameter varies up to 8'.

'Cancer' Wreath

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