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Healing Journeys at Down to Earth: A Sanctuary for Mind, Body, and Soul

Dear Seekers of Healing and Harmony,

Welcome to Down to Earth, a sacred space where healing takes center stage. Our journey began during a challenging time, amidst a pandemic that encouraged us to seek deeper connections and share the power of healing with our community in California. In 2022, after a heartfelt search, we found a home for our vision in the heart of North Carolina, where Down to Earth blossomed in November. However, this new chapter was marked by profound loss as we bid farewell to Diane in October. Her spirit, passion, and unwavering love continue to guide us, forever etched in the very essence of this lighthouse.

Diane's Legacy of Healing Katie, driven by a promise to keep Diane's legacy alive, carries her memory in every facet of Down to Earth. This healing haven is a tribute to our beloved Aunt and business partner, a testament to her enduring presence in our hearts.

The Healing Journey Begins At Down to Earth, we believe in the profound connection between the body, mind, and spirit. We are here to facilitate your healing journey, whether you seek relief from physical pain or aspire to enhance your spiritual, emotional, and mental harmony. Our doors are open wide to anyone seeking solace, growth, and transformation.

Transformation Through Crystals and More As we've evolved from selling crystal bracelets at local farmers' markets to opening our own shop, our dream has beautifully come to life. Our shop offers a treasure trove of crystals, books, healing tools, ebooks, and online courses—all carefully curated to support your personal healing and transformation.

Healing Beyond Business Down to Earth isn't just a business; it's a beacon of light, a tribute to friendship, and a testament to the boundless potential of healing. We're here to uplift our community, nurture your journey, and inspire positive change, one heart at a time.

Join Our Healing Circle

Thank you for being a part of our healing journey. Together, we honor Diane's memory, nurture the spirit, and continue to raise the vibration of the Earth, one healing step at a time. Your presence in our healing circle fills us with gratitude and hope.

With love, light, and unwavering dedication,


Down to Earth 🌿💎🌟

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